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Windows Phone 7 users and developers, did you know that?

January 13, 2011 1 comment

When you configure your phone, you have to provide or create a Windows Live ID, but why?

Well it turns out that the system syncs your contacts and friends straight to your phone. So if you ever need to reset your phone your contacts will never be lost! In fact yesterday, I added a picture to one of my contacts on the phone, then when I was back home I plugged the phone to my computer via usb. Then I went to to the windows live site and I am quite sure that I saw the new contact’s picture being updated right before my eyes! Cool huh?

Well don’t get excited too much yet because there are essential things missing in terms of features.
There are a bunch of features link to windows live for the windows phone:


I did say that your Windows Live contacts are added automatically. But by navigating to the  contacts in Windows LIve you can add contacts from the following sources as well:Pictures

Pictures you take with your phone can be automatically uploaded to the site. Simply go to the phone settings, flip to applications and select pictures + camera then select “Auto upload to SkyDrive”. 

Find My Phone

This can help you, Ring it, Display it’s location on the map, Lock it, or Erase it.


The Calendar feature let’s you add events in Windows Live that will synch to your phone. But the opposite is true as well. Any appointement added in your phone get’s synched to Windows Live in seconds. So you shouldn’t have to backup your calendar neither! There’s also a cool thing about this calendar. Take a look a the picture below! The calendar shows the weather for the 5 next days in my current location! …

Windows Live calendar

Windows Live calendar showing the current weather in my location.


Okay so far my contacts and my calendar events are safely backed up to Windows Live!

But what about all my apps, music, and videos etc?

Okay here’s the REAL annoyance and a cool tip!

Apparently Microsoft didn’t bother putting a backup system in place for those. So if you do a hard reset all of those will be gone… At first I tought well maybe they left the door open to a third-party to brillantly cover this big gap. Well wait, to my knowledge ( I maybe wrong) only Silverlight and XNA applications are supported on the Windows Phone 7. Since those applications do not directly have access to the phone’s files (applications are sandboxed in silverlight). Then I guess nobody else but Microsoft could build this kind of backup utility. And this is probably why no one has made such an app for Windows Phone yet!

So all my installed apps, music, videos, podcasts would be lost in the event of a hard reset!

 But wait… here’s the tip! 

Apparently, if you use the Zune software (free from Microsoft at ) , then all the content sent to your Windows Phone will automatically be sent back to it from Zune!

This means that using Microsoft Zune an essential when using a Windows Phone!

What happens if you paid and installed an application directly from the phone? After a hard reset, the app will be gone! You’ll need to download it again and possibly pay it again as well!

So starting from now, I will only install apps on the phone from the Microsoft Zune application. I was using it quite often already in the past because the Market place in Zune has a search button which the phone doesn’t have.

Hope this post will help you through the universe of Windows Phone!