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HTML 5 or Silverlight 5: Hey why not use them for what they are good at!

A few days ago, Scott Hanselman proposed a different opinion as well as a good way of deciding which of the 2 technologies to be used and when!

Read here:

I personally think that HTML 5, will get there and do what browsers do best: Be used everywhere!

Yes it will bring awesomeness and shiny cool new things… and it will bring some new problems as well.

My fear is when people start talking about HTML 5 as a way to produce a business application that should be in fact a desktop version. Do you get me?

At one point, developpers have to stop trying to tweak their web app to make it behave behave like a desktop …. It’ll never be one!

A plugin based app IS sometime more appropriate than a web app just like a native platform app IS sometimes better than a pluging!

Desktop > Plugin > Web App

or if you prefer:

WPF > SilverLight > Asp.Net


I hate those…

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Just a quick post to say how I hate when people blame their failure on the technology when they make no effort to learn it, before using it, and they fall in the first pot whole.

Hey give yourself a chance, learn if it’s right for you, and Learn how to make it work. The efforts you’ll put up front will save you countless hours.

Oh yes, one last thing. Don’t trust everything that come up in Google. Learn to qualify what you read out there.

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