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I’ve been busy…

November 23, 2010 3 comments

I know I did not post to my blog for the past few days. But in preparation to SilverLight FireStarter, I’ve been revisiting a few technologies that I had seen in the past.

Namely:  SilverLight 4, MVVM, WCF, BDD, PRISM, Unity, and MEF.

This will help me in the development of my next few applications that I’ve put in my queue. I have envisioned, planned and refined the scope for 3 applications on the WP7 and one on browser/desktop.

 As a developper, I like to envision, brainstorm and implement my own apps. I’ve seen a gap (or a niche if you prefer) and I am getting ready to fill it!

Oh yeah, BTW, keep a watchful eye on ASP.Net MVC 3 and Ruby on Rails 3! These are 2 technologies that finally look like what should web programming be theses days.

Why, because they both put the  focus on “convention over configuration” and the “DRY” principle!

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