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First weekend with my Windows Phone 7

November 15, 2010 2 comments

Last time I had touch something with windows mobile was a couple of years ago. I own a Dell Axim X51V (Windows Mobile 5 which I “upgraded” to WM6).
My Dell Axim is still working, but I only use it as a GPS device on planned trips. Who else has a GPS with Microsoft Office built in!

In this post I will only cover my end-user experience. In a subsequent post I will cover my developer experience (and I have a lot to say).

Back to business…
Yes, I am the proud owner of a Samsung Focus i917:

What I find Cool, Good, Awesome:


  • hardware: speed, screen size, camera resolution an controls, intuitive hardware buttons (back, start, search).
  • software: The “Metro” design of the OS is very cool!, Bing search with voice commands., the People area, Call interface, Office with OneNote, Word, Excel Sharepoint!
  • Dowloads of new apps via Windows Marketplace and fast, and easy.


What I find bad:



  • When opening the phone box, a warning note saying that the device only supports “Designed for Windows Phone 7” MicroSD cards which are unavailable!
  • Battery, SIM card compartment is very fragile. You almost think that you’re going to break it when opening to install battery.
  • Device doesn’t support USB tethering ( unless hacked with a strange undisclosed code thanks to Dan a colleague).
  • Device apparently doesn’t support 5Ghz band wifi ???!!!?!! ( Come on Samsung and Microsoft, Get to the new millenium! )


  • Battery indicator is 1/16″ long and doesn’t have a very accurate battery life indicator ( low, half , alomost full, full).
  • Some of the “People” app page do not rotate to landscape. (stuck with a small touch keyboard).

  • Not OS related but, when you login and register your phone on, you can’t find any accessories for the Samsung Focus. You have to be logged you to find accessories! 
  • Samsung offers some MicroSD memory cards that are not “Designed for Windows Phone 7” and certifies that they will work! (read bad hardware things above)


Overall the phone is light, and powerful. It doesn’t seem to be an energy hog. The OS7 is pretty solid in terms of speed and usability. I think Microsoft did a great jump ahead in term of user centic exprerience and a great job introducing the “Metro” design and the social networks.

Is Microsoft leaving corporate user under the hands of RIM?

 On the other hand Microsoft is loosing focus on Corporate users. There’s no way for an enterprise fleet of Windows phone to managed by their corporate HQ which is not the case for RIM. It is also very hard almost impossible to publish custom apps (in-house) to the phone without making them available publicly.

That’s was a quick review of  my first fews days with my new WP7. I will keep updating this posts as I find more stuff.

Update Nov 17th, 2010:

SanDisk has release some compatible MicroSD memory cards for the Windows Phone 7. The cards are avaolable in 2,4,6,8,16 and 32 Gb format. Find them here:


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