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Opinion: A Tech Boom?

As a guy who has works in software for the past 20+ years, I want to tell you a secret: 2011 is a great technology year!

IT has not been like this since the Y2K boom!

Look at the indicators: NASDASQ, # of major IT announcements since the beginning of the year, tech job market ( In my area, the demand for intermediate and senior software devs, architect, dba and configuration manager is unbelievable).

What do you think?

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  1. Peter Sanders
    July 28, 2011 at 11:28 am

    I discovered your blog and would like to know if you are avaialable/interested in contract work at the moment?

    I have the following opportunity working for Microsoft in Stockholm for 3 months?

    The developer role requires someone with experience of working in XAML and C#. This individual will have experience in developing in a team environment working closely with the UX Designer to implement the designs. This can be high pressure and short timescales to deliver world class, cutting edge applications. The developer should be prepared to own features and drive to completion. Experience of Silverlight and/or WPF is a requirement as is strong experience with developing for Windows Phone.

    Should be an expert in developing on the Windows Platform using managed code. Should have experience with concepts including: templates, binding, dependency properties, threading.

    This individual must be familiar with manual and automated testing and be prepared to define and build certain specialized testing, for example : battery testing will have to be carried out, logs from device collected, etc. Tester should know how to configure device to simulate certain conditions, e.g. no data connectivity, force 2G connection, etc. We would like experience on Windows Phone. We will consider good testing experience on Microsoft platforms.

    • Previous testing experience on Windows Phone 7 knowledge highly desired. (Experience with Windows Mobile plus)
    • Knowledge of Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements
    • Testing knowledge of Windows Phone 7 Tombstoning
    • Battery testing (Applications which run under lock screen on Windows Phone 7 will require battery testing)
    • Performance testing (CPU utilization measurement, frame rate count reading; stress conditions, Low memory. Basic investigations reading out values from tools, not a developer investigation.)
    • Capture and collect network logs from Windows Phone 7 device
    • Take screenshots on Windows Phone 7 device
    • Knowledge of Windows Phone 7 “Metro” design guidelines

    Many Thanks


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