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Beware of Remote Desktop when developping!

I am currently working on a modular Silverlight application using SIlverlight 4 and Prism v4. Once you get the hang of it Prism combine with Unity or Mef allow you to create really cool loosely coupled and highly testable apps. But after having set the modules and regions in my app, I was faced with a bizarre problem.

Some of the regions in my app would behave correctly in terms of binding and respond correctly to interactions of the user. But they wouldn’t allow a mouse click????

Yes that’s right the regions in question wouldn’t get the focus using the mouse but would get the focus with the keyboard after tabbing to them…

The sSilverlight app was hosted in the browser so I tought, may be by resizing, or minimizing the browser window it’ll fix the problem but no joy. That didn’t solve the issue.

After a couple hours researching left and right on this issue, I tried minimizing and restoring the remote desktop window to my dev station. And boom suddenly the “injected” region would behave!

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