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A reflection on Bad User / Customer Experience and failure billing systems!

As web developer, we are constantly challenged into bringing the best user experience to our users.

Today, I went to my the site of my mobile solution provider in order to upgrade my old cell phone to a brand new Windows Phone 7!

After spending minutes trying to perform the upgrade and trying to find the proper data plan ( 3 data plans were available at $12, $15, $20 per month with the exact same description) , I could not checkout my order!

So I end up calling the customer service, and a rep tells me that the plan I need is not the one I was focusing on but another one at $25 per month.

With the rep on the phone, I go online and the plan at 25$ he’s telling me about is listed at 35$ on the web. He’s says: “The prices are usually accurate on the site, but don’t worry It’ll be fixed when you checkout your order.”

The call with the rep ends here…

I go on and proceed to select the phone. On the selection page, the upgrade is priced at $199.

I proceed to checkout, fill-in my credit card information, click next and select a shipping method.

The invoice shown on the web page is priced at $0,00!

I say to myself, cool, the rep told me that the pricing would be fixed on the invoice…  😉

I proceed to confirm the invoice, and bang: an error message appears saying: “We cannot process you order because the invoice is $0.00” .

Wow!  I just spent an hour for nothing on their site and on the phone in order to purchase something from this merchant.

Lately, I am faced with more than my share of bad user experiences:

Cable company offers their customers the change their channel selection but it doesn’t work.

Propane gas company only sent one correct bill in the past 6 months in 3 copies received one day after the other, the other bills were either lost  (my account not showing the invoice when I call them) or overcharged for more propane than I could legally and physically store!

Pool repairmen sends an invoice for work that was paid a month earlier.

I qualify myself as a good shopper (never try to bargain). Still I get discounts on average of twice a month for items that are priced inaccurately!

In the news we hear on a weekly base the bad adventures of  our public power provider’s billing system.


Am I the only one to whom it happens?

How could we fix this?

Share your tought and experience…

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