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Installation Adventure Night!

Tonight was my best software installation experience ever! …Or at least the most productive.

I started by Installing a version of Windows Server 2008 R2 on a virtual.

Followed by SQL 2008…

Followed by Team Foundation Server 2010 Beta 2.

The I went ahead and created another virtual with Windows 7 RC, on which I installed Visual Studio 2010.


My advice is if you have to install large software that comes on a CD or DVD, use an ISO tool to create an image file of it and mount the ISO on a logical drive. You’ll end up saving A LOT of time! 😉

I was AMAZED by the work the guys put into the installation of TFS2010 and VS2010. Specially after having worked for days on planning and installing TFS 2008 over our corporate environment at IsaiX Technologies where I work (daytime 😉 ).

I kind of knew that the install would integrate I was was also stunted when I saw that VS 2010 Beta 2 installs the Microsoft Synch Framework, the Lab Management, Team Explorer, SQL 2008 R2 Management Objects, and EVEN the “Build Notification” system tray thing!


Overall,  Winwk8R2 took 40 minutes, SQL 2008 took 15 minutes, TFS 2010 B2 took 30 minutes, Windows 7RC 45 minutes, VS 2010 B2 25 minutes!

So I was up and running in about 2h40, and after 3h15, I had connected Visual Studio 2010 to TFS 2010, open my latest SilverLight 3 project  and schedule my first automated build of it!

Now let me go on with Expression Studio 3….  🙂

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