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Book Review: Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code

In my career, a very little portion of the projects I was involved with were based on new code. Most of them were based on existing code.

Facing an existing project, you sometimes get confronted with “code  that smells”.

If you are facing the problem, you’ll probably ask yourself: How can we fix it?

This weekend, I read a book about refactoring. Although I did not read many books on the subject, I found this books very straightforward to read and well organized. The book can be found on Amazon.com

What stunted me the most about this book is that it made me discover refactoring “methodologies”. I had applied some of those methods many times in the past but never tough on giving them an actual name. 😉

What stunted me even more, is that some of the method names being used are the same that can be found under many “action” command of the most popular refactoring tools like (JetBrains R#, CodeRush and even some are in Visual Studio)!

This should be a MUST read to many developers as they will most likely be facing refactoring in their career. And if they do not do it well they may be facing more refactoring down the road or a project that is dropped because of many issues and poor ROI.

After you’ve read this book, you’ll probably find some commonalities with some of the newest languages out there (namely C# 4.0, F#, Ruby, ASP.Net MVC)!

Isn’t that cool? People are finally learning from their mistakes and improving…

Have a nice reading session! And let me know if you’ve heard about refactoring methodologies before…

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