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Some Hidden features of Microsoft CRM 4.0

A bit of background…

There are 3 ways to import data in CRM:

    1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Migration Manager (Mostly use early in the deployment process in order to migrate data from a legacy system.)
    2. CRM Data Import Tool (Develop when CRM didn’t have anything to help import CRM 3)
    3. Imports (found in CRM 4.0 data management)

Normally, when importing data, a user with proper security clearance would use the third option.

But there’s a draw-back using this method.

CRM will not let you import values for the field “Record Created On”. Therefore the field “Record Created On” will have the current data and time. Which is bad in some case because you really want to retain as much information about the data as possible.

Ok. You could go the hard way and go straight to the database and update the “Record Created On” field value but this method is not supported by Microsoft.

Solution #1 (Microsoft Dynamics CRM Data Migration Manager) is a good way to workaround this issue but

the application is really meant for migration (one shot deal).

But thanks to the CRM development team there’s now another way!

While performing an insert, you can set the attribute overriddencreatedon field. The value of this field will be used to set the record’s created on attribute. So now you can import records in the history! A small feature which will make many people happy.


I can confirm that the attribute overriddencreatedon also works with the SDK when working with your entity as a DynamicEntity:


createdOnProperty = new CrmDateTimeProperty("overriddencreatedon", CrmDateTime.FromUser(source.CreatedOn));


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