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My best MIX09 videos so far…


Building Amazing Business Centric Applications with Microsoft Silverlight 3 (NO SLIDES, DEMOS ONLY) Brad is an amazing presenter! I knew part of the stuff he was showing. But every time I this I want to stop developing straight ASP.Net web applications. Watch it and let me know if you feel the same!

Sketch Flow: From Concept to Production Presenter will make you a bit dizzy but content is worth a look!

Wireframes That Work: Designing (Rich Internet) Applications This one is funny because the presenter has a MAC and is presenting at a conference sponsered by MSFT. A lot of things go bad in his presentation! Good effort anyway.

User Experience Design Patterns for Business Applications with Microsoft Silverlight 3 Corrina is truly amazing! She groups UX design patterns to make it easy to prioritize them. And she’s good in Silverlight for a deigner!

Choosing between ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC It answers a questions I’ve been asking many times to the guys of ASP.Net MVC (Rob, ScottG, ScottH, PhilH)

❤ the New Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit for Social Websites  What business wouldn’t want to try this!

Five Killer Scenarios for the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit

Microsoft ASP.NET: Taking AJAX to the Next Level

Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0 : What’s Next? Once this will be in place, one of my colleague will stop complaining about a few things!

The Microsoft Web Platform: Starring Internet Information Services (IIS) and Your Application How to package and deploy your work! Your app may be awesome but if the deployment is a nightmare your not going far! Use this tool!

Standards for Aggregating Activity Feeds and Social Aggregation Services My colleague Matt will find this one coming at a good time!

Still have to watch…

Go Beyond Best Practices: Evolving Next Practices to Prosper in the 21st Century

In fact I’ll watch them all. After all who am I to turn my head on free Knowledge!

A shame that there’s no video to watch…

Automated User Interface (UI) Testing with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010

There’s a Little Scripter in All of Us: Building a Web App for the Masses (my buddy Rob worked so hard on this)

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