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Nightly Builds and Automated Tests


People think that nightly builds as well as automated tests are a “Trend that will fade away with time” and that “Nobody does it”…

There’s a good way too find out…

Hop over to your favourite search internet engine “Live, Google, Yahoo etc.) and search for the words “nightly builds”.

Once you get the results click on a few links to see…

I was surprised that even the makers of my favourite dev tool does it: Nightly Builds of ReSharper from jetbrains.  We think it is hard to provide a test environment to our automated tests. Well look at them they have to provide crappy code that compiles or not to their test suites and verify that the output is nice and that it can compile!

There’s a ton of similar companies…

They have a common point: Industry Leaders.

Microsoft has committed that soon when they would provide you with a sample project they would provide the test project along with it!

Look at CodePlex!

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