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Day 3 in Course 8913: Applications in Microsoft Dynamics…


As promised, the morning part of the course was on the Service Management and Scheduling and Knowledge base management.

Again the pace was pretty fast.

Ironically, I learned that CRM does almost everything that Chyma does on the scheduling topic! The feature gap is really thin. It made me a bit sad since our team worked so hard and the company invested big bucks to develop this feature of Chyma! But Chyma`s user interface for viewing and modifying schedules is still far better.

But I know that Microsoft is not going to let go this part go off their Dynamics solution.

As for the afternoon…

We were finally given the long awaited sample exam preparation!

The exam had 50 questions that we would had to complete within 2 hours. But given the time we had our instructor, Neil Hussey from Quixas Group, split the exam and we got 7 questions each to answer and we needed to back our answers with reference from the software and training manual.

Some questions he admit, were nasty and very tricky, but Microsoft is looking at the best possible solution. Questions in the exam were scenarios with multiple choice answers. I had each of us got a least one that was also half a page long with 3-4 lines per choices as answer.

I think that team Isaix did pretty well with an average of 5 good answers on 7 questions.

Don’t forget that it is almost impossible to finish the exam with a perfect score! One of my contact (a Microsoft Employee) got 96% or 48/50 and back then the exam were quite a bit easier!


Microsoft’s policy with CRM is that you cannot resell a Dynamics business solution if you don’t have a least

1 or more persons that are certified Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Professional in your organization.

This ensures Microsoft that people selling, customizing or developing on the Dynamics  are the best and that the software is not tainted by some “Joe does it all” type of guys.

My plans are to go and get that certification as soon as possible because we need it before July 1, 2009 in order to be compliant with our Microsoft ISV Partnership! In fact, no later than Monday I will surf to PROMETRIC and book my exam spot!

Once this one is done, I`ll meet Neil Hussey again in March for the second course exam which will prove to be nicer for us techies and developers:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customization

Then on with the last one and not the smallest (hope my colleague Vince will join)

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Installation and Configuration

That’s all!

Enough with the blogging back to the books…

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