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Day 2 in Course 8913: Applications in Microsoft Dynamics…

Again today we covered a lot of ground!

  • Leads Management
  • Implement a Product Catalog
  • From Quotes to Orders to Invoices.
  • Sales Reporting
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Completed the full Cycle!
    1. Create a Marketing Campaign
    2. Gather Marketing Campaign Responses and convert them to Leads and / or Opportunities
    3. Leads to Opportunity
    4. Opportunity (staging in sales process)
    5. Opportunity to Quotes
    6. Quotes to Orders
    7. Orders to Invoices
    8. Closing Invoices (Partially or Not)
  • Ran a few reports Sales Pipeline, Sales History, Neglected Accounts, Marketing Campaign performance etc.

We also started to see a sample Service Management Process.

Two of best moments of the day were when my colleague Nordes got a sparkle in the eye understanding where i was going by implementing our internal sales pipeline directly in CRM. The other one was looking at the face  of my colleague Kerby when the instructor gave us a demo on the possibilities of the service management process in CRM (now he understands why I am pushing).

Tomorrow, last day, but THE day!

We will hammer in more stuff in the Service Management for about 4 hours.

Then we will run through a sample exam and see how we are!

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