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A day in Course 8913: Applications in Microsoft Dynamics…

Wow, what a day it was!

After a couple of months playing on my own with CRM, i tough i would know most of the content of this Course…

Well, no way! I learned so many things today that my head will crack…

I didn’t feel like this since a long time 😉 But I am happy about it anyway.

The course was originally given during two 12+ hours days!

The people would take this course 2 days of 12 hours. Then take the other course (8912) which has material for 2 more insane days of 12 hours each.

Then on the last they they would head for the certification exam.

Thanks god the schedule has changed:

The course keeps a fast and time accurate pace introduction slides says it… “In the next 30 minutes you will learn…” 🙂

Today we covered half of a 1 1/2 inch thick course manual (letter format) and a good bunch of PowerPoint slides.

Tomorrow we will do the other half….

Then Friday we will perform exam preparation.

BTW the exam for course 8913 is a 60 questions beast to be done in 2 hours.

Each and every question has a scenario (10-20 lines) for which you have to find the answer.

They promise they wouldn’t ask questions like:

“Where is the button to create a new account?” LOL

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